Cougar SURPASSION Gaming Mouse


Cougar SURPASSION Gaming Mouse

A New FPS Legend
Surpassion is a glorious new addition to the COUGAR range gaming mice.
With a refined shape, an accurate sensor, high-quality components
and an innovative on-board LCD screen to adjust key parameters,
it is a brilliant choice for any gamer.

Quick Fine-Tuning
True Pros want mice to perform exactly how they need. And that usually
requires installing software and spending time there before actual gaming.
Surpassion comes equipped with a convenient (and lightweight!) LCD screen
with dedicated buttons that allows you to adjust DPI (from 50 to 7200, in 50 DPI steps),
Lift-Off Distance, Angle Snapping and Polling Rate. All they key parameters you need
to adjust to optimize your performance when gaming!

Preset Modes: 400,800,1600,3200,5600,7200 DPI, Fully Customizable
Surpassion allows you to adjust the mouse’s DPI level to the task at hand.
Surpassion’s six preset modes that can be fine-tuned at will in 50 DPI intervals
and stored in Surpassion’s on-board memory and adjusted at any time directly from the mouse.

Available Settings: 125,250,500,1000 Hz
Surpassion comes preset with a 1000Hz polling rate, but if you (or your computer)
require another level, 125Hz, 250Hz and 500Hz modes are also available directly from the mouse.

Available Settings: On/Off
Angle Snapping can make normal computing tasks (work, web browsing, etc.) easier,
but it messes with your aiming in FPS games. Surpassion allows you to enable or
disable it easily according to your needs.

Available Settings: High/Low
This feature allows you to define the height at which the sensor will stop tracking.
This allows users who use big mouse pads and lift the mouse to re-centre it avoid
undesired tracking by setting it on Low, and users who lift the mouse slightly
when aiming to set it in High to keep it following their movements.

uperb Sensor
In FPS, aiming accurately is key to survival. You want your mouse to precisely
and reliably record your movements to truly reflect just how good you are.
We’ve got you covered there: Surpassion comes with the PMW3330 sensor from Pixart,
one of the market’s most popular and recognizable sensors and a guarantee of accurate tracking.
No more missed headshots just because your mouse couldn’t keep up with you,
Surpassion is here to help you dominate the online arenas!

FPS-Oriented Ergonomic Design
To optimize your FPS and MOBA gaming experience, Surpassion has been designed
to be both comfortable and effective. A palm grip shape that adapts itself well
to claw grip when needed, independent pressing areas on the two main buttons
reduce the force required to activate the buttons, allowing you to react faster
and minimizing accidental presses and finger grooves to make your grip more
comfortable work together to make you better at FPS gaming.

Unique Button Design
With comfort grooves and a split trigger design in the mouse’s two main buttons,
Surpassion provides a more comfortable, accurate and fast clicking experience.
This is ideal for shooting games, in which you are often required to press the
main mouse buttons repeatedly in short periods of time.


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Cougar SURPASSION Gaming Mouse


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